Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New, 13 inch girl is here

The first of the two new girls is already put together and she has her gorgeous wig on, she is 13 inches tall and I won't start on her outfit until the second girl is ready for it too.
The outfit will be in a new style, similar to my Marie Antoinette's costuming.....Also new, self made boxes to fit my girls in!


  1. she is lovely, where can I find out more about her? :o)

    1. Thank you Yve, I will post more info as I add more pictures, but to say shortly she is strung with elastic cord and joints are done in polymer clay just as in my previous dolls.
      If you have a question you can ask here or send me an email :

  2. Face is great as usual, U are the master of faces!
    And this wig is also is great.
    I like this doll very much.