Monday, October 17, 2011

Three dolls comparison

So while making an outfit for my red riding hood is in it's process I decided to add a few more photos, here is a picture of my three latest prototype dolls, you can see the difference in size: Alice (14.5"), Sophia (a little under 12.5") and a little riding hood (a little over 12.5")

Here is a closer look at riding hood's face :

And here is her full view:

I made her thigh joint-ball separately for my own experience, it looks prettier while doll is standing up but for her sitting position you need to turn the ball around.

Friday, October 14, 2011

My perfect little girl :)

She is now strung and has her mohair wig on :

She is 12.5 inches tall, she has double jointed elbows and a single jointed knees. In her joints I used a very strong mix of polymer clay instead of previously used leather, it is in the same color mix as porcelain so that is why we don't see it, it served the same purpose as leather and prevents the porcelain joints from rubbing together, I love it, it works perfect, posing is easy and pleasurable, it will never wear off (because polymer doesn't) and it looks nice and neat.
So there is my new girl, little red riding hood is now waiting for her clothing, I will start to work on it next week, I now have another girl to bake in my kiln, she will have the same face mold as riding hood, only a few minor changes, the third in line will be a young snow queen.....a lots of ideas, very excited :)

Since I've put my little riding hood together I've been carrying her around my house and back and forth to my work shop, I like to look at her, she inspires me, and she has such a sweet look in her face- innocence, like I need to protect her. She is patiently sitting around wherever I put her and every time I look at her I feel joy and tenderness.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A tease preview

My little riding hood is out of the kiln now, she went through all of her china paint layers and now she is ready to be put together. She is super cute, I just love her chubby cheeks.

Here is a little sneak peek of those cheeks and cute belly button :