Monday, October 17, 2011

Three dolls comparison

So while making an outfit for my red riding hood is in it's process I decided to add a few more photos, here is a picture of my three latest prototype dolls, you can see the difference in size: Alice (14.5"), Sophia (a little under 12.5") and a little riding hood (a little over 12.5")

Here is a closer look at riding hood's face :

And here is her full view:

I made her thigh joint-ball separately for my own experience, it looks prettier while doll is standing up but for her sitting position you need to turn the ball around.


  1. I love comparison pictures.

    Who is Sophia? I don't think I ever saw her before.

  2. Thank you, me too, it gives a good idea about the size of the dolls that I made, here is Sophia: