Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sculpting a new face tutorial

Today I started to sculpt new face in polymer clay, which then I will mold and make a new doll. So I decided to take a few pictures to show how I sculpt my faces.
 So I start with a layer of white clay over an aluminum foil, then I add clay in flesh color, about  3mm thick, the reason for it is that I like to see the depth of face features, keeps it more proportional for me:

At this point I don't bother with the back of the head, I will do it in the end, or sometimes even after I bake the face.
I poke the holes where the eyes will be and now is when I see the little white clay underneath so I know where to stop.
Small lump of clay for the nose : 

and I smooth everything out, shaping nose and eyes :

 Shaping top lip and eyes :

Cute profile :


I know she is not a beauty yet :), and the hardest part for me is - eyes :


 So eyes had to go, so I smooth them out, the nose and lips are fine - I rather love them :

This is more like it :


At this point I need to put her aside, the clay is too warm from my hands and makes it difficult to handle, I will let it cool down for a few hours, then will shape the features some more and add ears.
After that I will bake it and will make a mold, so you will be seeing this girl in the future :). This is how the faces on my girls come to life, I love sculpting them, and for some reason they do always come out different from each other. 
It is of course  not a "must do", it's just the way I find more comfortable for me. I hope you enjoyed it :).

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