Thursday, August 25, 2011

Geisha is finished

She is now all completed, her second wig is a very soft goats hair and looks lovely, the first one was done in viscose (synthetic) hair, both wigs hold perfectly on her head, her picture gallery is on my web site - here


  1. Takes my breath away. She has this regal, sad and sweet air to her. I LOVE the longer hair. It compliments her features well. Is her body type similar to your Maria Antoinette model? So wish to get her. I have been daydreaming of Geisha. Already had dreams of photo shoots and different scenarios that she can pose in. Like the story of a Modern Geisha and the American Cowboy. If I come up with a picture or short story I will send it to you.

  2. Thank you so much Carmen, i am glad you like her, yes i also think the longer hair looks lovelier on her.
    Her body is very similar to my Marie Antoinette, i have her nude pictures on my web site in the gallery view (using the "next" arrow you will be able to view all of them).
    Please email me at if you would like to own this beauty.

  3. Thank you Maryna for making just a beauty. I'm having lots of fun taking pictures of her. By the way, have you ever thought of making a male doll?

  4. Thank you dear Carmen, I am very happy you are enjoying your new dolly.
    It is a possibility, I would need to make a new prototype for a male doll and right now I am concentrating on making my girls to their best, also am working on a little girl mold, soon I will be able to show some results :)