Friday, July 15, 2011

Dressed Alice

I just finished sewing the dress for my Alice.
It is so funny to make a pattern for such a tiny one, but yes I made one just like I learned in the clothe designing school, I took all of her measurements and so on.... I am satisfied with the result. She doesn't quite look like a traditional Alice but I wanted to make a slightly different Alice. The violet chair makes her stand out and in the same time compleats the look. Now she is waiting for her white stockings and shoes.
I am so very happy with her i think I'll go dance and sing, okay maybe just whistle :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Chair for Alice

Okay so this is the second chair I've made, it is so cool to display my dolls in it, and a wonderful add on to their beauty.
It is all made in real wood, the fabric was nailed in and some glue is involved too, many days of work but I think it worth it, and I am enjoying doing it.
Now I am in process of making a dress for my Alice, also have Geisha up coming.....