Friday, April 1, 2016

"Angel's eyes" now on eBay!

Hello friends, I have listed on eBay my new beautiful doll "Angel's eyes", the auction will go on for 7 days!
Here is the link : Angel's eyes

This it the first doll from my latest prototype and as you noticed has the double jointed hip which gives her more posing variety. She is 13 inch (33cm) tall - my favorite size, I also have the single jointed hip for this prototype which makes her slightly shorter (the example of this type joint you will see soon :).
The wings took me many hours to make, they are very light (just like angel's wings should be :)), glued feather by feather from both sides, a small fur vest to hold them in place.
Her dress/corset (love making corsets by the way) is made with tiny zipper in the back, and a few swarovski crystals to decorate her outfit.
Her face I can not describe, it leaves me speechless, so let the picture speak for it self!